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Oman Foodstuff Factory LLC is one of Oman's leading foodstuff manufacturers, products under the brand name of "Al Mudhish".

Al Mudhish products range from popular 2500gms Al Mudhish Milk Powder in tins as well as sachets to the kid's favorite snack time treat Al Mudhish Ready Salted Fresh Potato Chips, to the Chef's favorite ingredient, the zesty Al Mudhish Tomato Paste. These and many other Al Mudhish products with a wide range of packing sizes and flavors has earned the trust of people locally as well as in major Middle East & African Countries.

Key to success of Oman Foodstuff Factory LLC is the enterprising spirit combined with continuous innovative concepts inspired by company's Chairperson Mr. Surendra Dhirajlal.

Mission Statement

The mission of Oman Foodstuff Factory LLC is to serve its consumers the quality product without any compromises whatsoever, and return them full value for their spending. Company strongly believes manufacturing product under extreme hygienic conditions with highest quality standards using the best quality raw materials supplied from standard suppliers, and making sure to have fresh products in the market. The company will continue maintaining its long-term policy to work with its distributors and consumers with full co operation and giving the best product to its consumers.

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  • Oman Foodstuff Factory LLC was established in 1989 in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman thus sowing the seeds of the company commencing its operations with “ re packing Milk Powder in aluminum sachets under the brand name "Al Mudhish".
  • In 1992, the company expanded its operations by establishing the Tortillas Chips plant at Rusayl Industrial Estate, Sultanate of Oman which was an innovative concept as it was the first plant of its kind in this region introducing Mexican chips for the first time in Sultanate of Oman. The plant produced Al Mudhish Tortilla Chips in delicious Pizza flavor, which was highly appreciated by the consumers.
  • Four years later, in 1996 company established Fresh Potato Chips with varied flavors which turned out to be very popular throughout the Middle East in no span of time.
  • In 1997 company underwent expansion by extending its operations of “re packing Milk Powder in Tins and serving the market with Milk Powder in packing size of 400 Gms, 900 Gms, 1800 Gms, & 2500 Gms.
  • Also, in the year 1997, company set up Tomato Paste Plant to introduce a new trend of Tomato Paste packing in Aluminum Sachets as the traditional market was dominated by Tomato Paste in tin packing.
  • Thus, the Al Mudhish product lineup can be briefly classified in 3 categories:

Oman Foodstuff Factory LLC

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